You’ll find the ANTICA TRATTORIA LAMPUGNANO in the outskirts of Milan surrounded by green areas such as the Meazza Stadium, the Stella Mountain, the racetrack of galoppo and the park of Trenno.

Lampugnano ( which comes from the antique name Lamponius) was developed thanks to the romans who in the past deviated the low of the Olona river and made the area become a rural center destined for rice fields. The existing old farm houses in the medieval fortress of Lampugnano, were inhabited by all the farmers who worked on these fields.
The usual custom was to gather together on Saturday nights in the dance hall (balera) of the Antica Trattoria Lampugnano a tradition remained alive until the 1970’s.

The former host Alvaro, my father, was fortunate enough to decorate the walls of the trattoria with original pieces of artwork from the opera Scala (Carmen, Aida, Romeo e Giulietta, ect.) still part of the trattoria’s decoration.
After the medieval fortress of Lampugnarello was destroyed on July 27 204, our restaurant was remained as the only old farm house of it’s kind in the area. It reminds us of a past time of this zone.

Arriving at the present time, with the experience of generations we have been able to keep the hold secrets of Milanese cooking alive and also the friendly family approach to our clients over the years, the trattoria has remained to be a warm and welcoming meeting place for family and friends to taste the house specialities and to keep alive our traditions not to mention the modest prices and the optimal quality of the cooking that you will find only in a family owned restaurant.